In the 30s a little craft workshop was born in a countryside area near lake Como. The founder was a local artisan, Giulio Peverelli, who was motivated by the purpose of helping local people take care of their homes.

The business started in a small laboratory in the village of Monticello and literally produced every kind of household item for the local community: from window frames and cooking utensils to furniture. Giulio's family always helped and supported him: especially his brother, Federico, and his wife Caterina. At the time, Giulio just got married and he had two little children


As the work grew, the whole family then moved to a residential court in Bulgarograsso. The property was quite big and was divided in two main areas: a working area that included a warehouse, and the residential area where the apartments for the family members were located. The idea behind this decision was to keep the whole family united.

1940 - 1945

When World War Two broke out the business was interrupted because Giulio and his brother were called for war.
When the war ended in 1945, the two brothers came back home to find a completely different place: houses, fields and firms were devastated with people trying to get back to an ordinary life as soon as possible.


1945 - 1949

During this period Giulio decided to focus on commerce instead of production: he transformed his “craft workshop” in a sort of “distribution center”, leveraging on the warehouse he had built before the war. During these years, he developed trade skills and started to build a good reputation as a trusted intermediary. Meanwhile, Giulio never abandoned his idea of helping people to improve their houses.


Giulio's oldest son was called Luigi. He was a very curious child and he spent most of his childhood in the laboratory of his father, where he developed an interest for wooden furniture and craftsmanship since an early age. Years passed by and Luigi, to follow his father footprints, went to a drawing school in Como, where he discovered the emerging world of Italian design furniture. He fell soon in love with it: when he finished school, he decided to get involved in the design business.



In the fifties, design was in its early days and a lot of new firms were emerging: both small companies that died soon after but also other firms that years later became very important and exclusive. Luigi developed important relationships with many of these companies thanks to his reputation as a trustworthy business man. Moreover, he was the first one to bring this new kind of furniture in his area.




As years passed by, Luigi and Giuseppina opened another store in the center of Como. The idea behind the store was not only to sell products, but also provide consulting services by architects

1970 - 1980s

The business grew rapidly, the stores and the warehouses became bigger and were renovated.



Luigi's son Giulio and his wife Simonetta got into the business. Peverelli acquired a new headquarters, which was later divided in three main areas: showroom, warehouse and offices area.


Peverelli team pursued a market development strategy, changing the positioning of the firm from the local Italian “middle – high” segment of the market to the international luxury segment.



The company is undertaking a process of internationalization: it started working on important projects in Africa, Middle East, Colombia, Great Britan, Russia, USA and China. Moreover, another store was recently opened in the center of Lugano, essentially for two reasons: the first one is to better manage the logistics operations in Switzerland, due to a significant increase in the company portfolio of Swiss clients, and the second reason is the geographical proximity of Lugano. The concept behind the store is to provide Peverelli most demanding clients a proper assortment of the best and most exclusive Italian design products


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