Tailor made projects

The search for beauty

The presence of an internal technical office and the collaboration with masters of craft workshops ensure a personalized service to those who want to furnish or renovate their home. We are constantly looking for beauty, which is why we offer the design of completely customized indoor and outdoor environments. We deal both with the supply of custom-made furniture, but also with complete renovations, proposing solutions aimed at enhancing the space to make it functional, beautiful and comfortable.

We rely only on the best of Made in Italy design whose main feature is precisely that of being able to be customized and adapted to every need. Our long experience and expertise gives life to unique, elegant, long-lasting and technologically advanced architectural projects. We pay particular attention to the choice of finishes, materials and colors to create harmonious environments where it is pleasant to live every day.


Peverelli Arredamenti Srl

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22070 Bulgarograsso (CO)

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